Commuter Schools are Great Colleges, Too!

Heather Newman is an undergraduate at Molloy College – Rockville Centre, NY.  She majors in English and has a minor in Journalism. Her favorite hobbies are reading, writing and expanding her shoe collection. She enjoys spending her time with her family, friends and boyfriend. Heather is a teen editor and blogger for iaam. The Teen Entertainment & Life Skills Multimedia Network offers the latest in college, career, entertainment and success!

Are you having a hard time choosing a college to go to? Do you feel pressured to go away to school even though you know you aren’t ready? Well luckily you still have another option! Commute!

There are many colleges all over the country that are made up of commuters rather than dormers and I’ll let you in on a secret – the collegiate experience is just as much fun!

Get involved!
Commuter-based schools have just as many events as a dorm-based school. My school offers a back to school barbecue every fall as well as a summer kick-off barbecue at the end of the spring semester. It’s great to grab a bite and win some prizes while meeting new people. There are countless clubs to get involved in at college, and if there isn’t something that catches your interest, you could be proactive and start your own.

College is what you make of it. If you choose to get involved in events and clubs, you’ll have just as busy of a social life as your friend who’s sleeping in a cubicle miles away from home.

Make an easy transition into college.
Attending a commuter college is perfect for an easy transition into adulthood. Students who force themselves to go away to school when they aren’t ready to be on their own face the risk of failing. Many teenagers get extremely homesick and that causes their grades to drop. When you start off at a commuter school, you have the benefit on transitioning into the weight of a college workload. After two years, many commuters move out on their own with their friends.

Commuting to college sets you up for success; you can’t fail in your comfort zone. However, it’s important to use this as a stepping stone. Don’t keep your old high school habits and rely on your parents – show your independent side.

Show me the money!
When you attend a commuter school, you will find that most of your classmates have jobs. When applying for a job, you are more likely to be hired if you aren’t returning to a school far away. Having a stable job during college will teach you responsibility and give you the option to put away extra money. It also teaches you how to balance a proper schedule between class, homework and work. When all your friends who went away to school are complaining that they’re broke, you’ll be flashing cash!

Make lifelong friendships.
When people go away to school, they face the pressure of making friends. They have no choice but to try and befriend someone at the same time as learning to live in a room with them. They make fast friends, but how long does it take for them to see who’s their real friend? At a commuter school, you have the chance to choose your friends carefully. Many of the people you meet are in classes with you because you have similar interests. It’s easy to connect with people and find out who truly wants to be your friend. You can’t just invite someone over to your dorm; you invite them over to your house and into your life.

Making friends at college is important for everyone and it’s no different when you commute to college. It’s also convenient for making plans being that everyone in your classes commutes and therefore lives in the general area. Stop worrying that you won’t make friends if you don’t sleep in a dorm!

Whatever decision you make about college has to feel like the right choice for you. Many people thrive by going miles away from home, but others find success close to home. Make the most out of you college experience wherever you go, but remember not to rule out a school just because you have to drive your car there!


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