Dealing With Being Home After You’ve Been Away At College

You've been living the fun life for the past month or so when you've been away at school.

You haven't had to answer to anyone, were able to come and go as you pleased and could party as much as you wanted to. Unfortunately, this is all going to change when you come home for your upcoming extended breaks.

Parents aren't able to adapt to the changes as easily as you can. They still think of you as their little baby girl and don't even want to consider the thought that you are growing up and leaving them behind. So, be prepared for tensions when you try to fit your college lifestyle into your home.

Even though it can be tough, there's plently to do to make the transition a little less prickly.

Discuss a change in curfew ASAP
You don't want to be having this conversation when you're trying to run out the door as fast as you can. If you go into this conversation with a bad attitude, it is not going to end well. Try to plan this conversation for when things aren't stressful and you can get your mom/dad to sit down at a time that's convenient for them. Be prepared to give logical reasoning for your case — you'll need it.

Be respectful of your siblings
It's no surprise that when you're in college, some of you will either start drinking or drink more than you used to. But just because you do, doesn't mean your younger siblings should. You should try to be a positive influence on them. Don't talk about getting drunk in front of them and definitely don't drink in front of them. If you respect your siblings, your parents will in turn respect you for being responsbile and trying to set a good example.

Be prepared to pitch in
Since you're now an adult, you should be expected to pitch in and help with chores around the house. If your mom or dad asks you to do something, you should do it or give them a time frame when you can get it done. Not only will you show you respect them but you'll also earn their gratitude — which gives you great leverage to negotiate other things.

Accentuate the positive
OK, so obviously there aren't ragers going on at your house every night. I get it, it can be pretty boring moving home at first. But trust me, you'll miss it when you have to move out and go into the real world. Enjoy the fact that you have a roof over your head that you don't have to pay for and parents who cook for you (and if you're lucky, do your laundry). You won't be able to get this time back.

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