Dealing With Moving Back Home for the Summer

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

Once final exams are over, it's time for summer! As you pack up your belongings and strategically load your car, you are leaving all of the college perquisites behind. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider certain changes you will face in moving back in with your parents.

In keeping a positive mindset, here are a few tips to help you deal with moving back home for the summer!

Once you’re back home, your parents may expect you to help around the house and obtain a summer job. Avoid lying on the couch and sleeping all summer long. Show appreciation to your family by applying for jobs and planning ahead for the future. This is a great way to make new friends, gain working experience and show your parents you are a responsible adult.

Keep Calm and Carry on Lasting and Healthy Relationships:
The first summer back from college can be challenging, not just in dealing with moving back home for the summer, but also in keeping in touch with your college group of friends while managing old high school friends. It’s completely normal to feel somewhat distant from your high school friends. Whether it’s your first summer back home or your last, people change throughout college. The best way to keep relationships strong is by calling or Skyping instead of using Facebook, Twitter or text messaging. Let your friends know they are still important to you and that you think of them often.

Set Some Summer Goals:
Don’t waste these next three months off from school. Make a "summer goals list" to travel, get in shape, pick up a new hobby, stay organized or save money. You can even teach yourself a new skill you’ve always wanted to master. I would consider making a board on Pinterest to help organize your summer goals. Having something to strive toward will help make your summer exciting and accomplished.

Remember, summer will fly by and you’ll be back at college before you know it!

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