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Kristy Shaulis
Class Dismissed in Swat Valley
This video, produced in 2009 by the New York Times, has been saved on my laptop for nearly two years under the heading “For every time you want to complain about school.” The quick documentary chronicles the effect of the Taliban in the Middle East and its efforts to shut down education for women. Although it’s something we often complain about, the opportunity to be afforded a quality education is an amazing gift that is so often taken for granted. I watch this video every time I hear myself rambling on about obnoxious papers or tests too often, remembering the incredible opportunities our society and school systems afford us, but also the need for reform, democracy and equality abroad.

The Beauty Department
Started by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, this new blog offers up great advice when it comes to hair, makeup and style. It’s updated almost daily and the creators are happy to take suggestions from readers (via Facebook and Twitter) for what they’d like to see on the site. If you’re looking for quick beauty tips on the go, this site is for you.

Pottery Barn’s Entertaining Ideas: Crab Feast
Thanks to my mom and a few beautiful summers spent on the Chesapeake Bay, I’m a sucker for anything remotely related to those wonderful nautically-themed memories. Well, Pottery Barn has reeled me in once again with the company’s entertaining section, currently featuring a how-to guide on throwing a crab feast (something that has long been a summertime staple for yours truly). Complete with downloadable invitations and iTunes playlist, the site also offers videos and guides to help you throw a perfect bash this perfectly sunny season.  And what could be more fun than that?

Kara Apel
If you’re looking for a way to find a cute, flirty look for the summer, here are some must haves!

Jack Rogers’ Hamptons Navajo Sandal
If you want a sandal that is comfortable, but still formal-looking, look into the Navajos. I would suggest the platinum or silver colors because they go with practically everything in your wardrobe. Although the price tag may deter you (almost $100 a pair), the quality you receive is worth it. The brand is considered to be business casual in some circles, so you could wear them to your internship or job instead of boring flats.

Lily Pulitzer summer dresses

Nothing screams sophisticated more than a Lily Pulitzer dress. No matter what your body type is, Lily has a dress that will fit you and make you ooze confidence. Although some of the dresses can be pricey, there’s a section on the website that lists dresses that are less than $150, and you can find them even cheaper sometimes at the big department stores.

J.Crew Chino shorts

If I could have these shorts in every color, I would be one happy girl. The shorts are only $40-ish and come in a variety of pastel colors with a classic fit. I prefer the 5-inch ones, but there are also 3-inch and 7-inch versions as well. If you want to wear shorts in a classier setting, then pair them with a cardigan and a flattering shirt.

LaToya Monah
JP Morgan Intern Blasts Colleagues with Invite to Wild Rager
We can all learn from this intern at JP Morgan who sent out email blasts to his coworkers and current interning friends about parties strictly for interns where the bouncers are lax on underage drinkers. Did I mention he did this while at his internship? This intern is a funny but prime example of what not to do while on the job.

Fashion Trend: Palazzo Pants
The days of wearing tight pants and bodycon dresses are over … unless you’re Kim Kardashian. Jumping on the trend of bell bottoms, palazzo pants are a cool way for college divas and non-divas alike to spice up their wardrobe on during cool days.

The Frenemy: Things Worth Knowing
The years of 18-24 are so transitionary because things are always changing. The Frenemy, a girl who tells it like it is, tells you 20 things you should know and do during these years. This is relatable to every girl leaving high school, every girl in college, and every college grad. 

Kelly Leslie
Having trouble getting rid of under eye circles after a long night of studying?  We all know that feeling confident is a key factor in remaining calm and collected during a test, but sometimes this is hard to do when dark circles show that you have been up all night cramming.  This tutorial from will have you looking up and awake in minutes, even if your body is telling you that you need a few more hours of sleep.  It’s amazing how far a little bit of foundation and learning some quick and easy skills can take you.  Conquer just five easy steps, and you will never have to worry about winning the battle against under eye circles again. 

Getting ready to start your first year of college?  Being away from home is exciting, but you may feel a little home sick if you don’t have a comfortable place to call home.  Choosing the perfect decorations and just the right amount of storage is the key to loving your room.  PBdorm is one of the top go-to websites where you can find everything that you need, and summer is the best time to shop because they have tons of killer sales.  Whether you’re looking for wall decals, bedding, or trashcans and storage containers, PBdorm has it all in the most popular styles.  Make sure to save up your graduation money, because you will definitely find yourself wanting it all.

If you love to read and you are looking for fellow book lovers to share your ideas with throughout the summer, you’ll love the book club section of  Now you can read and engage in conversation with the very own Lauren Conrad, as you follow the book selections and questions she has chosen for the summer.  In my opinion there is nothing better than curling up on a day off with a nice book, and now I can share my thoughts with like-minded people who feel the same way.  Visit the site to see what book is coming up next!

Jill Scheer
I accidently came across Rachel's site through some of my other favorite youtube beauty blogger channels. Rachel dishes on beauty, fashion, health…she is like the big sister you wish you had!
Perfect site for advice especially for college girls that need information quick and at their fingertips!

< a href="">A Cute Tote for School!
It may be a little too early to start thinking about back to school, but it never hurts to start getting ideas! Why not start with something fun (shopping for your dorm, clothes, ect. u get the idea). If your budget's a little tight yet until that summer job cash starts to roll in, start by buying a cute tote that can function right into fall so you look stylish hauling all you things around. This is a great tote that is fashionable, fits tons of stuff, and comes with 5 separate organizers for beauty products, jewelry, and whatever else you may need to carry with you. That way you can convert the tote for whatever occasion you will be needing if for:
school, beach, travel, overnight bag.

I've recently come across a great piece of advice from entertainment host Maria Menounos in her guide for women called the Everygirl's Guide to Life. That is "lazy people work the hardest"…so true if you think about it! If you life is disorganized and cluttered it will make things harder on you even if you don't want to admit it. You might not be a huge organizational person and that's okay, but making little steps to get your life in order will pay off in the long run and you will have more free time to do the things you truly enjoy. Check out this great site which you can plug in your important dates and appointments and it will send you reminders to your email or phone so that you don't forget your life's important moments both big and small!

Maddie Greene
Every girl needs three things when going to the beach. A cute swim suit, a great pair of sun glasses and a good read. These books – U Chic: The College Girl's Guide to EverythingFreshman Survival Guide: Soulful Advice for Studying, Socializing, and Everything In Between – could be the perfect match for those college bound gals! With the ins and outs of surviving your first year of college, you can't go wrong with these books.

Trying to decide how you will keep all of your jewelry organized when you move into your dorm room this fall? Here is the attention-grabbing, not to mention artsy, jewelry holder that will keep everything in line and out of the way.

Want to use Twitterchats to connect with peers around the country and the world but tired of refreshing your twitter timeline? Tweetchat gives you a "chat room" feel to your Twitterchats that allows you to follow the conversation in the easiest way possible. Easy to sign in (if you already have a twitter account), type in what chat you'd like to follow and you are instantly part of the dialogue!



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