Dorm Decorating Essentials: Owl Accents Aplenty


August is finally here, which means a lot of you are in back-to-school-shopping mode (my favorite kind!). Your dorm or apartment will be your home-away-from-home for the next year, so it is important to make it look super-cute and comfy. How? Well, it doesn't take a "wise" student to figure out that owl accents are really hot right now and can add a quirky aesthetic that's both adorable and functional. Here are my top picks:

Walls: Don't give a "hoot" about painting your space? Sprucing up a plain white wall can be challenging when you're on a budget (or your school doesn’t allow you to add some color to your space). Most students just rely on tacky posters to make their room feel more welcoming, but you don’t have to suffer the same fate! This owl wall decal ($24.99) requires no tools-  just peel and stick. And the best part is that the decal  won’t damage your wall when you take it off at the end of the year.

Decor: Add a pop to your basic bedding with this cute owl pillow from Target ($16.19). I love the colors and the fun design, which looks grown-up and sophisticated when paired with a plain-colored bedspread or duvet cover.

Entertaining: If you're fortunate enough to live in an apartment this year, this owl serving dish by Godinger ($11.99) would be the perfect addition to any movie night. It comes with two seperated bowls that can either be used together or individually. (Trust me, one would be great for some guacamole and the other perfect for tortilla chips.) Your friends will definitely think you're one smart "bird" is you placed this out for a party or study session.

Mementos: Framing photos of friends and family is always a nice way to make your room feel more like a home. Print out your favorite group picture from Facebook on photo paper and put it in this adorable eco-friendly felt owl frame from Walmart($18.00).

Just Because: This owl doorstop from Anthropologie ($24.00) is probably my favorite find. Not only is it a fun conversational piece, it also allows you to leave your dorm room ajar so you can chat up your friends while kicking back in your favorite new space.

(Now if that's not enough incentive to "wing" your way to one of these stores to pick up something owl-inspired, I don't know  what is!)

– By Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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