Eduhookups – Liberating or Degrading?

The Internet is an amazing thing — you can buy just about anything online, re-connect with friends and find the love of your life. Of course, you can also find casual sex, Craig's List predators and identity theives. A new website is taking the casual sex search home — to your college campus.

Eduhookups is the name of the site and it allows co-eds to find one another for sexual encounters, of the casual kind. In this era of liberated women, do you think casual sex is something we should be promoting?

We're all about taking charge in a relationship and empowering yourself, but is this site going to harm or help young women everywhere? One of our bloggers is trying to guage the reaction to this site on her campus, but I'm asking you — women of the world — what do you think?

The site only serves five campuses as of today, including Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University and University of Chicago, but plans to come to more in the future according to their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

It was started at the University of Chicago and is actually the second generation of the site, as the first generation (much like Facebook) was only for U of Chicago students. Do you think these kids are the next cast of the Social Network? Would you use the site? Have you used the site? Tell us in comments!

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