Facebook Launches Portal for College Students and Campus Organizers


Sick of sending out emails to your entire club? Tired of trying to organize events through your personal Facebook profile? If you're a college student who's involved in a campus group or simply want to get your all your peeps on the same page (literally), Facebook has the answer.

The social media site just launched a new portal calledUniversities on Facebook to help school organizations stay on top of the latest news and updates across campus. The portal provides information on forming groups on Facebook (dorms, clubs, study buddies, fundraisers, etc.), press information, suggestions on new applications, a community engagement page, and tons of discounts for college students.

As stated by the portal, the goal is to aid college groups by "helping university students establish an interactive presence on Facebook by engaging with their campus community."

But will it prove successful? Well as of yesterday the portal only had a few hundred followers, but has already swelled to well over 2,000 in the past 24 hours, thanks in part to the viral efforts of college officers and educators who've been busily speading the word.

If you're not exactly tech-savy, or if you simply want to make sure you're reaching everyone at your school, this is definitely one social media avenue you want to think about pursuing.

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