Facebook’s New Dating Application – Stalker-ish or Acceptable?

I always hear people say; “it’s not official until it’s on Facebook,” in regards to relationship status. Recently, an application for Facebook was released entitled “The Break-up Notifier,” which has reached an all-time high in cyber-stalking.

With this application, you have the opportunity to choose friends who are currently “taken,” monitor their relationship status, and receive a notification when their status changes.

According to Fox News, “The concept became an immense hit, with the site attracting 700,000 visits in the first 36 hours; people downloaded the app 40,000 times. Just days later, the app would have more than 3.6 million downloads and 9,000 Facebook likes.”

Immediately following the release of the application, Facebook initiated a block, removing the application from its website. While popular belief may consider the reason for the application’s removal to be due to its nature,

Facebook persisted that “the reason for the shutdown… was the sudden surge in popularity — not the nature of the app itself.”

Although the site was claimed to have been shut down, it seems that through certain links, the application is still accessible. While some may believe that this brings the crazy ex-girlfriend to new heights, others think the application will make meeting significant other’s more accessible.

What do you think about this application? Do you think Facebook should have pulled it, or that they should have let it be? Share your thoughts here.

By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

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