Fall Beauty Tips for the College Fashionista

We all love a natural palette when going to class, but it’s all about taking care of our bodies and getting noticed with our own personal style. Here are a few tips

1.     Let your hair stand out. The fishtail braid is a great way to look cute but also look great as your getting out of bed to go to class or walk to the dining center. It’s way different from the normal French braid we’re used to.

2.     Take care of your face. Rinse, moisturize and repeat. It’s always great to go natural for things like class or work, but if we’re taking a night on the town let’s take out that big box of make up. Check out this Sephora instant moisturizer. Great for to put on in the morning after washing your face. Use this every time you anticipate to put on any type of foundation or powdered make up. We want to take care of our beautiful faces and keep them young.

3.     Let your lips stand out. Fall is not all about having those bright colors. So a way to creatively stand out is having our lips do it for ourselves. Check out this NARS lip lacquer. It comes in 6 shades and is great to store in your purse. It has that lip gloss and lip balm feel.

4.     Take care of your lashes. Our lashes seem to be the last part of our face we think of sometimes. A great way of maintaining them for the fall is using subtle mascara. Great for everyday use, check out this Bobbi Brown mascara. Store it in your purse to maintain and strengthen your lashes.

5.     Bright nails. Just because we feel like we have to mute the tones in our clothes, doesn’t mean we need to mute the tones in our nails. Check out these two new nail lacquers from MAC Cosmetics. Both a part of their fall Posh Paradise collection, Rain of Flowers and Immortal Gold are both a purple and gold color that’s great to be added to your nail polish collection.

Image: nixxphotography / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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