Fashion: Must-Haves for Every College Girl

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at New York University

We all know that a girl’s wardrobe can never have too many clothes. Unfortunately in college, the tiny closet space given to you is usually very limited. Below are some of the most important staple items to have in your closet so that you are sure to have all of the basics to build an outfit for any occasion.

The best part of these items? They never go out of style!

A Simple Blazer
A well-fitted blazer is the perfect item to add some class and professionalism to your outfit. Whether you have a job interview, are meeting with a professor or just want to dress up for class, a blazer will make anyone you meet see you in a more professional light.

A Simple Black Dress
No girl ever wants to be without her go-to black dress! A simple and clean black dress is multifunctional; it can be worn for a night out on the town, a dinner date or a job interview — just make sure it is not too short.

Pair of Comfortable Flats
Flats go great with most outfits and are the easiest to walk across campus in. Nothing ruins a day more than feet in pain, but being comfortable does not mean you have to sacrifice style! I suggest stores like Aldo; they have a wide range of flats that are far from boring like these animal print ones.

Perfect Pair of Jeans
There are few things more flattering than a pair of dark jeans that fit your body well, which is why every closet must contain at least one pair. Your jeans should not have any fading or tears and should be the right length — this way your jeans will be appropriate when paired with anything from a T-shirt to a fancy blouse.

A Classy Watch
Forget diamonds, a watch is a college girl’s best friend. Wearing a watch will help you get to your classes on time and it is definitely a lot easier to glance at your wrist for the time than it is to check your cellphone. Wearing a simple watch also adds a sense of sophistication to your overall look.

Tank Tops and Camis
Simple, longer tank tops and camis are my personal favorites because you can wear them under absolutely anything: shirts that are a bit too short, sheer tops, sweaters to stay extra warm and even sweatshirts. You can often find good deals on a selection of tanks and camis in a wide range of colors at stores like Hollister or Delia’s.

A Bright Sweater
A sweater in your favorite bright and bold color is perfect for making any outfit pop. Pick a color and throw your sweater over a neutral-colored top with jeans and you have a very simple outfit that still shows off your personality.

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