Finding (And Keeping) a Summer Job

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

A summer job is more than a temporary job and a weekly paycheck; it’s all about forming connections and developing skills that can benefit your future career plans. It’s also a great way to earn extra money in helping you finance your education.

However, at the rate the economy is going, is there even a possibility of getting a summer job? The answer lies in knowing exactly what employers are looking for when hiring students for summer jobs.

After interviewing a business and marketing teacher, I have gathered five key values that will help you land your summer job:

Strong Work Ethic: Employers look for students who strive for efficiency and commitment. For a summer job, you should be motivated to work hard and willing to complete any task the employers ask of you. As a result, time management and multi-tasking are skills you’ll need in order to acquire a summer job.

Communication Skills: An interview process is a common step in hiring employees for any job. You’ll want to radiate your good communication skills during the interview process through your mannerisms and body language. Employers have the chance to see your personality, which is a great way to let the employers get to know you as a person.

Positive Attitude: Having the eagerness and enthusiasm to complete tasks motivates others and creates a positive atmosphere. Employers value those who have a friendly personality, which makes the job a healthier working environment. You must be able to work well with others as a team, regardless if the job relies on independent work.

Flexibility and Time Management: Taking the initiative to completing a task or volunteering for an assignment allows your employer to observe your flexibility and time management skills. You need to be able to adapt to any new changes in environment, ideas and priorities. You’ll be rewarded with praises instead of complaints from your boss.

Responsible and Reliable: It is your responsibility to arrive on time for work. They are dependable for their work performance and actions. Once your employer sees you are a responsible and organized worker, you begin to build trust in relationships with your workers. As a reliable worker, you are showing your company that you take pride in your summer job.

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