Fitness Tip: Get Your Gym Bag Ready

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have gym equipment in their dorm room or to live in a building with a gym.

For the rest of us who make that extra effort to travel to the gym, sometimes that extra effort is a little discouraging. Why would you want to lug yourself to the gym when you can relax on the couch?

A great way to get yourself to the gym is to keep a gym bag packed and ready to go by the door. That way, when you get in from class or work, you can pick up your gym bag and head out the door. No need to waste time changing, looking for sneakers or headphones and generally procrastinating. Grab your bag and go while you are still motivated! It can also double as a great guilty reminder that you should be sticking to your fitness goals instead of sticking around at home.

Here is a suggested list of gym bag essentials:

  • Sneakers
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Deodorant or body spray
  • Extra hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • One extra pair of socks, underwear, sports bra
  • Pair of headphones

It is a good idea to have these items permanently in the bag. I have a few hair ties, headbands and bobby pins in a Ziploc bag because I always seem to need more. Also, buy an extra pair of headphones to keep in the bag so that you won't have to worry about being without that awesome playlist you made just for the gym. A refillable water bottle is a great idea, and it's green, too! I love my CamelBak! As for the deodorant, a travel-sized one is compact and convenient.

Things to use and replace:

  • Workout clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Power bar
  • iPod (recharge it overnight)
  • Plastic grocery bag for sweaty clothes

With your bag at the door, you will be work out at a moment's notice! Happy exercising!

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