Five Apps to Help You Ace Your Finals

Are you stressed out about finals? Thinking of all the places you'd rather be than stuck in the library, with an IV of Dunkin Donuts hooked up to you? Well, these on-the-go phone apps may make studying in a better location (like the sunny quad) a little bit easier.

iTalk Recorder (for iPhone and iPod Touch)
If your professor talks a mile a minute and speedwriting isn’t your thing, the iTalk Recorder is the right app for you. Available in different versions, iTalk Recorder is free and you can even e-mail the recording when finished. Don’t be fooled- Apple would never offer a basic recording instrument. This app also has auto-noise cancellation for iPhone 4, and the recording can be synced to any type of iPod. Keep in mind that many professors are opposed to cell phone use in class, so consider talking to them before using this handy app.

DroidScan (for Android)
Copy notes from a missed class and so much more with the DroidScan. This app allows users to take a high-definition photo and save it as a PDF and other types of documents. It’s as simple as taking a picture with the Android, but contains the intricacies of a scan. The app also connects with Evernote and Google Documents, offering plenty of school assistance for $6.99, and $9.99 for the Pro version.

myHomework (iPhone)
Bad memory? Trash the planner and download the myHomework app. This easy-to-use and academically friendly feature keeps track of assignment to-do lists, with a check list for completed items and due dates. It also includes a calendar for tests and days to remember, and you can turn in the assignment if desired. Check out this app, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Wolfram Alpha (Android, iOS)
If study apps were Americans, the Wolfram Alpha would be the president. Perfect for calculations, simply enter the problem and the answer will turn up. Too good to be true, maybe, but this app gets smarter and smarter with constant upgrades, allowing it to answer mostly any kind of academic question. What’s more is its low price of $1.99. Use it for that tough math class, or just for some fun facts, after all-  knowledge is power!

WeDict (iPhone/iPod Touch)
Be the word guru in class and among your friends with this useful dictionary tool in the palm of your hand. Take it to a multilingual level and check out the language translator, offering Chinese, Danish, and everything in between. Say ‘konichiwa!’ to this internationally-savvy app for only $5.99.

By Tracy Diamond, Quinnipiac University   

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