Five Things to do Before College

While high school graduation may seem like a scary end to familiar teachers, classrooms, cliques and cafeterias, it means the start of a new, exciting adventure into the collegiate world. Here are some ways to get you ready for a different lifestyle with new friends, professors, and parties, while soaking in the summer sun.

Get a Group of Friends Together for Dinner
Nervous about leaving the friends you’ve had since kindergarten? Figure out when you’re all available and take a night on the town. Summer is the perfect time to find a nice restaurant to eat outside, or check out your local city for dinner and a show. If traveling isn’t your thing, find a hibachi restaurant nearby or a spot that serves family-style to tickle your Italian taste buds. This is a great chance to reminisce about old memories and feel refreshed.
Plan a Party at Your House
Harness your inner party planner, send out e-vites, and pick a cute theme that will bring everyone together. Whether it’s a barbeque, Hawaiian luau, or representing your high school, this is a fun way to celebrate a new chapter to your life. Take a look at recipes for mocktails and other non-alcoholic, cool drinks for a warm day. Talk to your parents before, of course, or gather a group to help with planning. It’ll be the hit of the summer!

Keep Lists and Plan Your Resume
Volunteering, sports teams, academic awards, after school jobs- the U Chicer has done it all. But these extracurricular activities can be difficult to keep track of once you get to college and add on to the list. Start thinking about all that you’ve accomplished and participated in so you can make a resume for jobs and internships. These organization skills will also help with classes.

Talk to College Friends
You might’ve kept in touch with older friends who are now in college. Surprised? Many think college is its own bubble, but the truth is it’s easy to visit and chat with friends who might not live too close by. Skype, text, Facebook chat, you name it- ask them any questions you have to ease your concerns. That’s what friends are for!

Take a deep breath. You’re going to do big things! This is a brand new chapter in your life that will guide you to a bunch of new opportunities. Remember to keep an open mind, think about what interests you and what you’d like to get involved in, and what courses will steer you down the path that’s right for you, and you’ll be well on your way.

— By Tracy Diamond, Quinnipiac University

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