Five Twitter Chats to Help You #LearnAboutCollege

While there are many ways to find answers to the pressing questions college fresh-women have, like reading article upon article online or in your favorite magazine, there is a simpler and more exciting way to gain information about college. Twitterchats are growing in popularity as people can get answers to their questions and share experiences in real time on a regular basis.  Groups of people use a corresponding hashtag (#) to connect their tweets and join in the conversation.

Here are five needs to know twitterchats for women who are about to embark on their college careers and even women who are already basking in campus life. All of these chats give information and advice on college and what to do after graduation from both high school and college.

#campuschat occurs every Wednesday evening 9 to 10 p.m. EST. #campuschat is a great way for women to gain advice on exactly what to expect when they hit their college campus come September. From advice on how to pick the perfect college to resume tips, this chat is a great way to connect with others and gain access to information needed for college life and finding a job after graduation.

#collegechat takes place on the first and third Tuesday at 6-7 p.m. PT/9-10 p.m. ET. This chat gives insight to many topics relating to college life. With guided questions from the moderator ,this chat is always geared toward giving as much information as possible to its followers. Many chime in to relate and share experiences for college life.

#collegebound occurs every Monday from 4-5 p.m. EST. This chat is geared toward giving college bound students all of the necessary resources to be successful during their first year of college. Advice from other students, university staff and other professionals that assists students in getting answers to important questions.

#HigherEdChat takes place on Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. EST. #HigherEdChat is your all-inclusive chat for anything and everything to do with higher education. From admissions and enrollment to marketing and social media on college campuses, you are sure to get the answers to your questions in this chat.

#schools2life’s chat is the second and four Thursday’s of the month from 8-9 p.m. EST. This chat is geared towards students who are graduating from college and transitioning into the real world. With tips for resume builders and interviewing, this is your one stop shop for answers to that lingering question; what do I do next?

University Chic will be hosting a Twitter chat every other Tuesday starting up again August 2 at 9pm ET. It will be a great way to expand your knowledge of university life! Want to be part of the fun? Hashtag UChic (#UChic) and join in the conversation today!

There are many other Twitterchats for a variety of other topics. Here is a Google spreadsheet with a complete list of Twitterchats.

— By Madeline Greene


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