Five Ways to Simplify Move-in Day

Move-in day is often hectic for parents and students, but it doesn't have to be. Try these five quick organizational tips to make your move-in day as painless as possible! Have some tips that you've used along the way? Share them with us below. 

1.     Organization/ Separation: Stackable containers and boxes are always best when it comes to organizing. Separate bedding from clothes, bathroom supplies from kitchen supplies and toiletries from accessories. Labeling the boxes will eliminate you from opening them to see what’s in them. Having clear containers can help with things like towels, sheets and bedding because you can determine which container belongs where and put more inside the container because those types of things are really easy to fold.

2.     Discuss with your roommate(s): To eliminate doubling things, talk with your roommate before you move in. Who’s bring the couch, TV, mini-fridge, etc. You can agree on a color scheme and get really hyped up about moving-in! Which makes it really exciting.

3.     Buy items online and have them shipped to your place by move-in day. This way, you don’t have to worry about transporting them from the store to home and then to your new home. The number one complaint to buying things online is not being able to see them in person, but places like Ikea, Target, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are most likely to have catalogs where you can see what the dimensions are and what the actual size is. They also cater towards college students and know what the dimensions are for a typical dorm.

4.     Remember that you can always buy items at a local store: Most college towns have a Target, Walmart or Ikea because they know that college students are going to need to buy items for moving in. This is the easiest option because you’ll be able to see what your dorm looks like and the space you have before buying what you need. This also gives you the option of shopping with your roommate and create bonding time.

5.     Think about what would be Ideal: However you choose to transport on your first day of college depends on what you bring. So it’s good to be ideal and think before you act. If you’re going to college via airplane, you might want to choose option number 3 or 4. If you’re driving you might want to choose option 1 or 2.

— By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco University  

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