Fun Ideas For Surviving Valentine’s Day As a Single Woman

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

Long gone are the days when Feb. 14 meant crafting paper bags and having your classmates fill it with special Valentine’s Day cards. Asking someone to be their Valentine meant checking a “yes” or “no” box on a small piece of scrap paper from their secret admirer. Back then, it didn’t matter whose Facebook status implied “single” or “in a relationship.”

Today, college girls approach Valentine’s Day as either an exciting or overwhelming event. While your roommates or sorority sisters may seem like they have big romantic plans, your big plans consist of a date night with Ben & Jerry’s. For those that find this holiday a particular kind of torture, I am here to tell you that this day is not a celebration exclusively for couples.

Instead of moping around and eating your sorrows away, make the most of your single life by trying these five great ideas for surviving Valentine’s Day on your college campus.

Be Productive
Use the free time you have on Valentine’s Day to get yourself organized. Instead of having a negative Anti-Valentine’s Day, have an anti-procrastination day. Catch up on your latest television episodes, finish a book you’ve put on hold, put in a load of laundry, clean up your calendar or get a head start on those homework assignments you’ve been avoiding. You’ll be amazed at how awesome you’ll feel after finally checking every item off your to-do list.

Pamper Yourself
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to pamper yourself without feeling guilty. Embrace the single life by getting your hair or nails done and going shopping. Also, take a bubble bath. The feeling of a hot bubble bath will help you completely relax and make you realize that those who are single can have a good time as well. Love the skin you’re in! You’ll feel so confident about yourself that any guy would be lucky enough to have you. The goal is to simply make today your day.

Be Active
Another way to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day is to relieve your stress by working out. You can choose to go on a bike ride, go for a run or take a kickboxing or dance class. If you would rather burn calories at a more moderate pace, try a pilates or yoga class. Exercising is a great way to focus on yourself so that all you have to concentrate on is finishing that last repetition. Just think of how accomplished you’ll feel after burning off all those gourmet chocolates!

Be a Valentine For Others
Catch up with your family and friends and let them know how much they mean to you. Send someone who has inspired you a homemade card to let them know how thankful and appreciative you are of them. Also, make a small Valentine’s package to a friend or family member who is currently going through a break-up or a difficult time. Giving is a great way for you to feel good about yourself, especially since it comes from the heart.

All the Single Ladies
Remember, you’re not the only person who will be single on Valentine’s Day. Gather all your single friends for a night of movies, games, TV marathons, bowling and dancing. You can spend the entire night building relationships with your friends instead of having to worry about building a romantic relationship. Also, enjoy a nice dinner with your friends while having great conversations. Who says candlelight dinners are just for couples? Cook up your favorite recipes with your friends and even save room for some delicious desserts!

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