Fun In The Sun: Ideas For a Fun Memorial Day Weekend

By Emma Martin, Student at Ithaca College

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Memorial Day weekend is here, and I could not be more excited. For those of you who dare not wear white until the date, it’s time to take out those white jeans and sundresses!

With the federal holiday, most of us are given the opportunity to take the day off. It also marks the unofficial beginning of summer.

Here some ideas on how to have fun this Memorial Day weekend!

Plan a Cookout

If you’re newly home from college, now is the perfect time to reunite your high school friends or hang out with family. Invite everyone over for some burgers (or veggie burger options for your non-meat-eating friends) and grilled veggies. Set up games like KanJam or Ladder Golf and kick back by the pool if you have one. Ask visitors to bring a dish or snack. Make homemade virgin margaritas, or if attendants are of the age, serve the real thing. Cookouts are low key but provide a great atmosphere for catching up.

Go Camping

If your weather forecast fits, get a group together and pitch a tent somewhere! Nothing is nicer than enjoying the great outdoors and roasting s'mores over a campfire. However, Memorial Day is usually CRAZY at campgrounds, so call ahead and see if there’s any availability. There’s always the option of finding someone with a big backyard instead.


Memorial Day sales are usually pretty big, so head out early and hit the big savings in time for summer. It’s the perfect time to find a few new things for that summer wardrobe or update your newly spring-cleaned decor.


Remember what Memorial Day is really about: remembering those who have passed away while serving our country. Many families bring flowers and small American flags to the graveyards. Furthermore, you could use today to write a letter to soldier or simply lend a hand.

Run a 5k

Many towns, cities and organizations hold Memorial Day 5k races, and this could be a perfect time to get active! You can challenge a friend to a 5k if you don’t have any nearby and make a competition out of it. Getting active will get you in gear for summer!

Unhitch the Boat

If your family has a boat, Memorial Day is the perfect time to put it back into the water! A day on the boat with a couple of friends may just be the perfect end-of-year relaxation you need.

Remember, if you’re going to be outside, use sunscreen and stay hydrated. It will keep you looking young for years to come!

Enjoy the weekend, but take a moment to think of those who have passed while defending our country.

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