Georgia State Has the Best Dorms in the Nation, Time Reports

Dorms are a BIG part of college life — you will be living there for at least a year until you're moving onto a slightly larger, slightly cleaner (we hope), slightly more private (personal bathroom, anyone) space. For the most part, all dorms contain a twin extra-long bed, a desk, a dress or armoire combination, sometimes you get a closet and then a tiny bit of space for a communal couch. They aren't that different, although some do stand out from the rest.

According to Time magazine, Georgia State's dorms stand out from all the rest — they're the best dorms in the nation. A new website, ranks dorms and on-campus living arrangements at Universities across the US. Their first annual Dormy awards named Georgia State as the best dorm conditions overall, with the best individual dorms awarded to LaSalle University, Winona State and Villanova University among Georgia State's University Commons. 

The lists also rank the worst dorms, the biggest party dorms, hottest residents and best RAs. Think your dorm deserves to be on the list? Contact and tell us why, we will give you a chance to write in and share with our readers!

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