Getting Slap Happy with a ’90’s Throwback: SLAP Watches

Most trends from the Nineties have not aged well: scrunchies, the macarena, 98 Degrees. One that has fared well, however, are slap bracelets, and they’ve been resurrected this year in the form of watches. SLAP Watches are just as cool as they sound: they come in six vibrant colors, the faces can be popped out so you can mix and match with different bands (I myself am rocking the pink face with a black band), and they still have that addictively fun slap factor— only now you don’t have teachers yelling at you to stop playing with them in the middle of class. Combine all that retro slap-happy fun with a super affordable price tag, and this is one Nineties trend we’re welcoming back with open arms— er, wrists? SLAP Watch, $19.95 and Slap Jr., $17.95,

You could own your own SLAP Watch— we’re giving away these fun timepieces to two lucky UniversityChic Facebook fans! Go on Facebook and “like” us, and on Friday we’ll pick two UniversityChic fans to each win their own watch. 

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