Gobble, Gobble Girl: Are Your Parents Bothering You About the Freshman 15?

There's rude and then there's RUDE, but nothing tops the idea that your mom and dad would dare to call you a fatty. Currently a hot topic on Jezebel.com, the question was raised as to what YOU would do if you came home from Thanksgiving break and your parents noted there was a bit more junk in your trunk.

Freshman 15 fears be damned – it's never cool when someone you love calls you out on a major insecurity. Sure, you're supposed to gain a few pounds your first semester away (not 15, but there's some definite weight fluctuation as your body adjusts to a new schedule and eating habits), but to put you on the spot in front of the whole family? That just seems like a your parents putting THEIR body issues on you rather than supporting you during a tough transition.

Luckily, my mom and dad never brought up my weight during my formative years in high school and beyond. Even now, my mom insists I'm tiny (though she does like to point out that having a major sweet tooth is counter-productive to three days a week I spend at the gym). Looking back on it now, I realize that by NOT saying anything, they spoke volumes: How much I weighed was less important than how I valued myself. Even now, I see my friends struggling with body issues (that started long ago with scathing critiques from their family members) and constantly knocking themselves down even though they're all success stories in their own right.

So what do you think of this "weighty" topic? Would you be offended if your 'rents suggested you skip the gravy and stuffing this Thanksgiving?

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