How to Spend New Year’s Outside of the Frat House

By Marissa Kameno, Student at Quinnipiac University

In college, celebrating New Year's is easy. The options are simple: tag along to the family party, plan an evening with your besties or most likely, take a break from home and head back to campus for a blowout party with your favorite fraternity (or insert equivalent male group here).

But after college, the frat house isn’t going to cut it. Here are a couple of ideas to make your post-grad NYE a success!

Party it up in the city has a ton of parties based on almost 50 different cities (including NYC, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Baltimore, D.C., Dallas and Houston). Choose from multiple all-inclusive open bars and party options. From a massive NYE with Vinny from "Jersey Shore" to a party in a pool hall, Joonbug guarantees an option your group will love. Go all out with bottle service and seated VIP or keep it simple with general admission pricing. But beware: Prices increase as the event grows closer.

If you don't want to get stuck in one place all night, plan an evening of club-hopping. Keep in mind that many events are up charging for admission, so try to research a couple of options that won't cost $50 just to get in.

Clubs aren't your scene? Check out your local bowling alley for a New Year's Eve party filled with bowling and booze.

Play host for an evening
There's no reason not to grab a couple close friends and host your very first NYE party! Get some quick (and healthy) appetizer ideas from, grab some champagne and get ready to party.

To keep it cheap, make the party BYOB or turn the event into a potluck. This is a great way to hang out with a couple friends or get all your single girls in one place (depending on your current status). The theme is up to you, but a small event guarantees a great night with good friends.

Get some rest
Vacation days are few and far between. Take advantage of the holidays to sneak away from the colder winter weather and spend a couple days at an island location. A little R&R is the perfect way to unwind. What better way to kick off 2013 than with a fresh tan and island mentality?

If a paradise vacation isn’t in the budget, we recommend a quiet evening and New Year’s Day at the spa. A massage may be exactly what the doctor ordered this year.

Wherever you end up this New Year’s, remember to be fabulous but also responsible. It’s all fun and games until someone vomits on their brand new party shoes!

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