Join us for our Twitter Chat with Cosmo Radio’s Lea and Stephanie and You Could Win a Windows Phone!













Cosmo Radio Host Lea Palmieri (@LittleLeaP) and Producer Stephanie Ramos (@ImStephRamos) are joining us for a chat on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 9 p.m. ET.

We'll be chatting about everything from careers in radio to what Fun Fearless Females are. Have a question you'd like us to ask? Leave us a comment!

Join us by following our #UChic hashtag and you could win a Radar 4G (with 30 days of service)!

Get to know our guests, Lea and Stephanie!

Lea is a host and producer at SiriusXM Radio where she's worked for the past 6 years with such brands as Cosmo and Maxim. Luckily, producing a daily live talk show is one of the few professions where an abundant knowledge of pop culture comes in handy!

Stephanie, Wake Up’s Producer, is an all around Jersey girl. Growing up with Puerto Rican background has earned her the nickname as Cosmo Radio’s “little Goya bean”, which suits her passionate and spitfire personality perfectly.

Learn more about the Radar 4G!

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