Join us for Our Twitter Chat with Dormify!

U Chic is teaming up with @Dormify for our next Twitter chat on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. We'll be joined by Dormify Style Advisors Sabel HarrisSarah Bowden and Amanda Zuckerman.

We'll be giving away a $25 gift certificate from Domify to our favorite tweeter who tells us what their dream dorm room would be like. We're excited to see your answers!

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Here's some more information on the Dormify Style Advisors:

Amanda Zuckerman, Pi Beta Phi, Washington University in St. Louis:
"I'm entering my senior year at Wash U. in St. Louis and I'm about to decorate my first apartment! The time has come to move from dorm to apartment, so I will be sharing all of my apartment decorating tips with juniors and seniors — it's NEVER too late to 'dormify' your space (that includes you, post-grads!) Recap: My mom and I started Dormify when I was starting my freshman year after my failure to find cool, chic, sophisticated dorm bedding in size twin XL. Since this very important market niche was missing, we knew we had to do something about it and we were pretty sure we could pull it off. We got right to work and after two years, Dormify is bigger than we could have imagined and continues to grow everyday. More about me: I'm a communication design and marketing double major, I'm from Potomac, Md., and I like to pretend I've lived in NYC for longer than two summers. To get to know me better, here are some things I love: my friends, my iPhone, the color orange, froyo, lazy Sundays, the beach, skiing, dark nail polish, Spanish tapas, Israel, gold necklaces, abbreviations, anything truffled, football, fashion, Pi Beta Phi, almond butter, "Friday Night Lights," red velvet cupcakes, baggy T-shirts, chocolate-covered raisins, Michael Kors shoes and the Dormify alphabet."

Sabel Harris, Alpha Omicron Pi, George Mason University:
"From the beach to the bustling Washington, D.C., it’s easy to say that my style has morphed into what at first glance may be contradictory. However, I love the idea of contrasts balancing each other out into the perfect scenario. Maybe it’s my inner Libra, but it’s how I have lived the past three and a half years at George Mason University. Regretfully, yet excitedly so at the same time, I am approaching my last semester at Mason. I am history major with the one of the busiest yet most fulfilling schedules any college student would have. Although my major may be different from my passion of fashion, it will not stop me in my future journey. I have a deep affinity of all things in relation to coffee, bright, pink, structured, quirky and stylish. A balanced contrast is key and describes me to a T. On either side of my scales you could easily find multitudes of coffee, hot pink Post-it notes, my fellow sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, candles, sparkly nail polish, books, stationary and an endless amount of clothes from J.Crew. I’m elated to be writing for Dormify and I cannot wait to provide you with interesting reads about how to make your space into your own balanced image."

Sarah Bowden, Delta Gamma, University of Virginia:
"Most people who know me would say I'm the girl who rarely has a bum day and is always looking to stay on top of the trends. I would say I've been destined to deal with design and fashion since I was in kindergarten and told my mom that I'd be the one doing my own hairstyles from then on. Since then, I've not only stuck to my word but also expanded my knowledge on fashion from designing my outfits to designing my dorm room and apartment. At UVA, there is definitely a preppy side but also an indie-casual side that I've seen come out of me the longer I've been here. I love mixing classic prints with funky designs and turning traditional ideas into updated trends. This versatility has allowed me to mix design elements with one another that reflect my unique personality and interests. I'll admit that I'm the girl who brought a ton of stuff to college, but I've managed different organizational ways (that are trendy and I would love to share!) to fit it all in my tiny room to make the space feel cute and clean. My latest challenge is redecorating my apartment, and I’d love to share my tips, style and ideas with all of you!"

‚ÄčLearn more about Dormify:

"At Dormify, we believe that dorm rooms should be just as fun, hip and fashionable as the college students who live in them. We get it. You want to walk into the white-walled, four-by-four, tiled dorm room that tons of people have lived in before and feel like this space is all you. That’s why our Dormify Style Advisors share so many creative and stylish design tips and tricks, do-it-yourself projects and design solutions with students across the country. Our imaginative products bring style, comfort and personality to college students everywhere through bold colors, patterns and overall design innovation. Above all else, we want students to feel at home in their new homes — by feeling inspired to style their space. So read our blogs, listen to our Style Advisors, and be sure to check out our e-commerce site where you can find everything you need, including care packages you actually want to receive in the mail and not-so-average Greek apparel and gifts."

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