Just One of the Boys: Valentine’s Day is Just as Special to Them

Two things guys love: sports and video games. In their natural element, they like to lounge on the couch, with their game controller in hand and play their favorite game Call of Duty: Black Ops on their fancy game console. With that in mind, any kind of sports game coming up catches their attention.

This may not seem exciting to you, a girl, but what is it about these games that actually catches (and keeps) their attention for hours on end? Well, killing zombies is just part of it, but knowing that you can take power on a flat screen, put your bluetooth on and chat with your friends while playing it, and just explore into the world of just… zombies.

Turns out, after talking to some 20-something guys about Valentine's Day, while their ways to "wind down" are different from ours, their needs in relationships and on this day are pretty much the same.

Eder Vazquez, 23, who is currently single, said that he’d like to go to a party on Valentine’s Day and have a one night stand.

“I want an original poem,” said Vazquez

Martin Telleria, 20, wants to spend a day with his significant other followed by a nice dinner.

“I would want a kiss from her,” said Telleria.

Scott Sidey, 20, said he’d want to go out to a nice dinner or cook something up at home.

“If I received a present it would be unexpected and thoughtful but I think that guys on Valentine’s Day don’t need a gift,” said Sidey.

If we were just one of the boys, I bet we'd find ourselves getting excited for a football game, playing a video game that kills zombies, and wanting original poems from our girlfriends, too.

By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco University

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