Kardashian Fashion Hitting a Sears Near You

Apparently K-Dash for QVC and Kardashians for Bebe weren’t enough. Unlikely collaborator Sears is getting their piece of the reality stars’ magic with their own Kardashian clothing line, set to debut in stores in August 2011. 

The line will be extensive, including lingerie, jewelry, handbags, hats, gloves and shoes— not to mention 40 different clothing styles— for female shoppers ages 17 to 35. Sears has put quite a bit of effort into the junior’s business, so the Kardashian collab seems a clear effort to pull in stylish women over high school age. To this end, the line will be pretty varied in style, channeling “Kim’s glamorous red carpet looks, Kourtney’s more Bohemian chic vibe and Khloe’s rocker style,” according to a Sears press release. The diversity of styles will allow the Kardashian girls to do what they do best: please.

Although the discount mega-retailer may seem like an unlikely pairing with the glamorous gang of sisters (perhaps the only person less likely to shop at Sears is Paris Hilton), yet from a business-perspective it makes perfect sense: with J.C. Penney counting Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen among its design roster and Macy’s throwing its hat into the high-end collaboration ring, Sears needs to up their game with a big-name project. And right now there’s no name as recognizable as Kardashian.

What do you think— would you buy some Kardashian fashion?

— By Ellie Krupnick, Barnard College


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