Life After Football Season: What to Do On Campus For Fun

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

For some college students, your social life revolves around college football every weekend in the fall.

At my school, Alabama football is an all-day event. Whether it is an afternoon or evening game, traditions such as tailgating on the quad, watching the game while yelling “Roll Tide” and celebrating afterward fill up my entire Saturday. As a result, these football festivities leave your Sundays as your official “catch-up on homework” days.

Now that football season is over, you’ll want to make sure your spring semester is just as eventful as it was in the fall. Try these tips to help you find out what you can do on campus for fun:

Join a Student Organization
Make sure you get plugged in on campus. The saying is true: “It’s never too late to try new things.” Find a club that will spark your interest. Getting involved with a campus organization will help you build relationships, create connections and boost your resume. Common organization categories include academic, arts/entertainment, political, professional, recreational/athletic, social/fraternal, religious and student government. I find that being involved within your campus helps you to adjust to the college life. Whether it’s writing for your school’s newspaper or joining a sorority, you no longer become a passive student attending class, but an active student contributing to your college campus.

Get a Job
Since there’s no need to worry about asking off for your annual Saturday football game, you can finally start applying for jobs around your campus. However, this suggestion only applies for those who have enough free time to balance academics with their social lives. Experiencing a working environment prepares you for the job force after college. Also, working on or off campus is a great way to build basic communication skills that companies look for in resumes. Having a job is also a smart way to help pay for college and to save up for the future. Some places you should look for jobs include restaurants (sit-down or fast food), bookstores, frozen yogurt shop, clothing stores and recreational centers.

Be Active
Stop pinning countless motivational posts on Pinterest and start actively working out! The best way to stay happy and healthy is stay active. Use the free time you have to go to the gym. The best way to keep up your daily workout routine is to partner up with a friend. You can keep each other accountable by walking around campus, jogging or going to a Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, cycling or kickboxing class. Whatever you decide, remember: Spring Break is just around the corner!

Volunteer in the Community
One of the many benefits of college includes the countless opportunities for you to give back to your community. Volunteering at your local animal shelter or food bank is a humbling experience as a college student. Also, try tutoring in a select department on campus or at a local elementary school. No matter whichever philanthropy you choose, knowing you can benefit someone’s life is truly rewarding.

Attend a Different Sporting Event
Some of you would be surprised at how much fun you’d have by attending a different sport other than college football. Start a new tradition by cheering on your school’s spring sports teams. Popular sports such as basketball, gymnastics, baseball, softball and tennis are great games to watch throughout the week. Plus, they are excellent excuses for you to hang out with your friends (and procrastinate your homework).

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