The Lost Generation is Indeed Lost, Especially in Finances

Opposites attract. While that saying may go for interests, backgrounds, or occupation when it comes to relationships, but not many people consider finances to be one of the facets in determining a “partner.”

A striking new epidemic is plaguing college campuses across the United States. The Huffington Post refers to college students as “The Lost Generation,” and it seems people our age have indeed become lost.

Cue stories of girls meeting guys thirty to forty years their senior, being paid anywhere from two hundred to two thousand dollars and above for an evening of sexual intercourse (and maybe a dinner or a drink, if the girl is lucky). Seems less like romance and more like a nightmare.

Why exploit yourself for money? Doesn’t it seem like a form of prostitution? While it may appear that way, many college students are justifying their actions by referring to it as a “friendship,” that is helping them pay-off their debt.

Today more than ever, college students are suffering in regards to skyrocketing tuition prices, excess loans, and increasing debt. Unaware of where else to turn, girls are utilizing their “assets” as the most feasible solution. Websites across the Internet are willing to match college students with so-called “Sugar Daddy’s,” with whom they meet either once, or on a regular basis, and are paid for their solicitation.

It’s both appalling and devastating that college students feel the need to degrade themselves to such levels to pay off their tuition or debt. The scarier part, however, is that businesses such as (one website that serves as a liaison between college girls and Sugar Daddies) exist, and are providing young college students with easy accessibility to, what seems to me like, prostitution.

The frightening part, also, is that most college girls participating in such acts consider it to be “okay.” Whether they believe their actions are acceptable, or they are just trying to justify what they’re doing and convince themselves that it is okay remains a question. However, partaking in such exploitation is dangerous and disturbing, and something that needs to be more closely monitored and prevented.


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