Make Sure You’re Making the Most of Your College Degree


By Kelly Leslie, Student at San Francisco State University

Recent studies show that women are taking universities by storm and indicate that women value their education more than men. After crunching the numbers, Pew revealed that 50 percent of women say their college education was worth it, while only 37 percent of men agree.

As a woman, do you value your career more than the majority of men do? Read these tips to find out how to make the most of your college degree:

Network while you're still in school

One of the most important things you can do as a student is network. The people you meet in college have the potential to really help you with your career after school. Take advantage of any programs that your university offers, such as finding a mentor. Also, make sure to attend any workshops or conferences the department organizes for you. Often times these provide an intimate setting with few people, and come along with a great opportunity to introduce yourself to professionals in the industry. Getting your name out there as soon as possible is key to being successful in your future. You never know who you may meet!

Gain experience in your industry as early as possible

Internships are the best way to dip your feet in the water. Some internships pay, but many do not. Even if you have to take an unpaid internship early on, it will set you ahead in the long run. If possible, try to do the unpaid positions while you are still in school because you will have a higher chance of being considered for paid positions upon graduation. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that your unpaid internship offers you a job after you earn your degree.

Look for opportunities in areas other than your job

We all know that after graduation the No. 1 priority is finding a job to support yourself, but once you are secure in your career, look for other ways to use your degree. Volunteering is not only a great way to help your community, but it is the No. 1 way to network and gain invaluable experience.  There are countless nonprofit organizations that need help from volunteers with degrees. Find one you are passionate about and it will be a perfect fit! You will be helping others, and the experience will help you. It's a win-win situation.


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