The Media Maven: The Mean Delta Gamma Email

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

For those of us in sororities, we know how brutal some girls can be. Some of the older girls develop reputations for being intimidating and brash, but it’s “only because that’s we way we were treated when we were pledging.”

When I opened up a sorority email at my school, there was no telling what it was going to be about. There were so many girls, which equaled to so many emails per day. Sometimes, they were to remind us what an awesome chapter we were, and other times, it was to reprimand us for wearing letters when we were clearly ordered to wear our badges on Wednesdays.

However, I doubt any chapter has experienced the wrath that now infamous Rebecca Martinson has inflicted upon her sisters.

Martinson, president of the University of Maryland’s Delta Gamma chapter, sent out a very long and vulgar email filled with hideous curse words and trashy expressions that was later sent in to Gawker. It’s hard to actually figure out what she is trying to say around all of the curse words.

In a nutshell, Martinson asks if the sisters are “retarded” and if they are “mentally slow,” they should email her back to confirm this and they will no longer be allowed to attend events. She complains that sisters act weird at sporting events and will even cheer for the opposing side. She’s basically upset because all of her sisters are awkward around boys and is sick of being embarrassed.

I understand some people are more passionate about being Greek than others and cut off all other priorities, but to sit down and write an email as long as this one as this president has shows some serious free time/commitment to getting into girls’ heads.

Thankfully, the entire email was leaked by someone I’m sure Martinson would love to politely speak with, and now everyone on the Internet can understand firsthand what these poor girls are having to deal with. It can be really hard to disaffiliate or even reach out to authorities about this kind of behavior, so I’m glad it’s now out there in the open.

Click here to read the email in its entirety on Gawker. But a piece of advice: Before you dive into this lovely manuscript, just as Martinson has, know that you are in for a “rough ride.”

For kicks, check out actor Michael Shannon performing a dramatic reading of the email.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

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