The Media Maven: My Take On ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

Nowadays, just about every “has-been” or D-List celebrity has their own reality TV show. Joining this circle is 28-year-old Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte on his new show “What would Ryan Lochte Do?” on E!

I find this unusual since Lochte is at the height of his career. Why would he need/have time for a reality show? He isn’t retired yet — not even close since he is already training for the 2016 games in Rio.

In the May 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan, Lotche explains why he chose this path, saying: “My biggest passion is swimming, but it’s a sport that doesn’t really get talked about until the Olympics, unlike baseball, football and basketball, which are on TV all the time. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this show, I want people to enjoy the sport as much as I do.”

Interesting Lochte should say this since his first episode was filled with Lochte saying ignorant things and being inappropriate.

Here is something a mother of four children wrote in the comments sections of the show’s page: “I will not let them watch his lewd behavior and immature ways. My oldest daughter went to school the next day and said all the 12 year olds were talking about going to the nearby golf course after school to play "drunk golf" and pee in public…since that is what Ryan Lochte does!!! These are 6th graders!!….and athletes that swim and have a future. They are also impressionable and want to believe that someone who works hard can make it to the Olympics like Ryan did. Now they think they can objectify women, take about boobs and how it's cool to act dumb. I am disgusted and look very differently at Ryan now. This show has definitely hurt his reputation!!!”

Lochte truly lives up to the stereotype of a “dumb jock” when he randomly blanks out while trying to remember a thought on air and says, “All the sudden, I have, like, a jumping banana in my head. Like, I don’t know what’s going on up there.”

If anything, in the least, Lochte can be entertaining if he doesn’t mind being the center of every joke being made … and the viewers aren’t laughing with you, Ryan, they are indeed laughing at you.

So just to lay all of the cards on the table, I’m going to call this show a flop and say it will last only one season. Even if you don’t think the swimmer is funny and know the show stinks, he certainly does have a rockin’ body and that is a fact.

Image from E! Online

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