The Media Maven: Start Biking Now!

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

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Summer is finally here! I’m sure many of us have already made a list of all the things we want to do this summer and what kind of person we want to become because, let’s get real, anything is possible during the summer.

Many of the things on our list never get done because we are lazy college students or recent graduates (congrats!), but there is one thing we should all try to start doing more: biking instead of driving.

There are so many reasons to choose biking over driving, especially if your point A to B is just a few blocks or miles.

  1. It's a great way to get an all-over body workout.
  2. It's cheaper than driving.
  3. You can get a sweet tan!
  4. Passerby will totally think you’re cool and different.
  5. Riding a bike is just an all-around cute thing for girls to be seen doing. (Haven’t you read Sarah Dessen’s “Along for the Ride”?)

According to The Huffington Post, residents of the 55 biggest metro cities whose commute involved a bike went up 70 percent between 2000 and 2009.

Biking is also a great hobby to pick up. If you’re like me and don’t really have a sport that you grew up on or have never been a part of a team, biking is perfect because you can do it alone or with others. Just plug in your iPod and go! Whether you choose an inclined or flat path, it gets you active and in the great outdoors. According to, bikers who only go 10 miles per hour can burn up to 400 calories an hour. It also says that biking a few days a week will reduce blood pressure and stress.

Want to take it another step? Join a local biking club and meet some new people in your community.

Even if you decide not to bike, remember to be extra careful in your car and look out for those bikers!

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