The Media Maven: What 20-Somethings Can Learn from Kate Middleton

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

Now, we all can’t be the Duchess of Cambridge, but we can still act and be treated like a princess like Kate Middleton.

Ever since her engagement to Prince William was announced a few years back, Middleton has been in the spotlight ever since. The media admires her sense of fashion, her generosity, philanthropic eye and her true ability to be a classy lady.

Middleton has certainly played her cards right. Now she's having a royal baby and is seriously rocking it. Even though many of us college gals aren’t ready to help rule the world and have every inch of what we do and say analyzed in the public eye, we can still learn a lot from Middleton, who has held herself together pretty well for having paparazzi snap her every photo walking the streets, but also I’m sure she has a lot of stress coming in from the royal side of things.

Here's my list of what us 20-somethings we can pick up from her:

When life gets stressful, know how to relieve tension. We see Middleton walking around with a cup of coffee or doing yoga, just relaxing sometimes. Life is really hard so remember to take a step back and get together with friends and family.

Take care of your body. She’s gotten some flak in the past for being too skinny, but Middleton is generally a very active person. She used to play field hockey in school! She doesn’t work herself too hard but knows moderation.

“Kate does an hour’s workout every morning using the gym ball and dumbbells, which includes some core exercises like squats, sit-ups and arm curls,” a royal source told British magazine Now.

Stay graceful and lovely. No matter what criticism comes your way or how bad you are let down, stay confident and hold that smile. You are a strong, powerful woman and disappointments are going to come your way, but how you react to them will make you a stronger person. Hold that head up high!

Keep your wardrobe classy, not trashy. Now that you are about to enter the professional business world, make sure you are altering your shopping habits. It may be time to put away the short skirts and glittery dresses (until the weekend at least) but during the day, aim to present yourself like Middleton. She still looks fabulous, but definitely not boring and haggard. Try hitting Ann Taylor Loft or J.Crew for inspiration.

Hold your own during a breakup. When she and the prince broke up briefly in 2007, instead of losing it completely, Middleton went on with her life. Obviously, the two found their way back to one another.

“I wasn’t very happy about it, but actually it made me a stronger person,” said Middleton, according to The Sun.

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