My Obsession With Swell Caroline Earrings

I am a no-nonsense girl when it comes to accessories. I basically wear the most simple jewelry of any girl I know — and usually only wear pearl earrings.

With that being said, I really don't buy new jewelry a lot. It really takes a cute product to make me stop and buy new earrings.

The instant I laid eyes on Swell Caroline's earrings I knew this was an obsession that would not be easy to break.

I instantly fell in love with their monogrammed earrings and had to buy them at once (in my school colors, of course). I cannot wait to rock them during football season this fall!

In addition to the monogrammed earrings (which come in virtually every color by the way), they've got these preppy golf earrings, some adorable pineapple earrings and even starfish earrings for those of you who love the beach.

And … they're not crazy expensive! The monogrammed ones were only $35! They aren't the cheapest earrings in the world, but they definitely seem to be a good, high-quality purchase.

[Image from Swell Caroline]

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