New Year, New Chic: Finding New Hobbies

By Rachael Smith, Alumna of Radford University

When you are filling out a survey or some kind of application and it asks what your hobbies are, are you one of those people who always put down the same five hobbies you always do (even if you don’t do them anymore) or do you panic and really wonder if you have any hobbies?

When I see that question or if someone asks it of me, I feel like I am constantly being reminded of what a super lame 20-something-year-old I am. Now that we are growing up, we may feel society's pressure for us to join stamp clubs or go to financial meetings. But don’t give up the hobbies you love just because they seem adolescent!

Vintage hobbies
To me, things just seemed so much more fun in the 1980s. It’s probably because I didn’t live in the '80s, but I’ve seen pictures and movies, and I think that sort of counts. It’s a dream of mine to one day Rollerblade down the Venice Beach Boardwalk in California, but I have never learned how (crazy, right?). So this spring, when it gets warmer, I’m making my older sister teach me.

Take a step away from all the fourth screens in your life like your iPhone, iPad, Kindles, etc. and read a real book. Collect old records, switch up your music listening preferences or learn to play an instrument. Basically just get out of the house and see what’s happening around you!

“The simple life” hobbies
To get out of your comfort zone, take a cooking class with friends or have your mother or grandmother teach you a few things about cooking. Many people find cooking to be a stress-reliever and feel very proud when they master a new meal. Or you could ask your father or grandfather to take you on the river to go fishing. Taking up gardening is also an option (learn more about that here).

Take photos wherever you go and make a scrapbook of the memories, join a book club to discuss novels and expand your mind, learn a new language or take an art class. Many of these hobbies help broaden your perspective of the world and can help you make great conversation with new people!

Calorie-burning hobbies
Use a new hobby to stay in shape. Learn to ski, snowboard, rock climb or join a jogging club. Here’s one you may never have thought of: Learn to belly dance! It’s not too different from learning how to traditionally dance either — and it’s a great workout! If dance isn't your thing, get a group of friends together to train for a race.

It’s important and exciting to try new things as a 20-something, so don't be afraid to try something new!

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