New Year, New Chic: Keeping Up with Your Goals All Year

By Amanda Cross, Student at the University of Central Arkansas

It's the end of January, but that doesn't mean you still don't have time to make resolutions and try your hardest to become a better you. The hardest part of a New Year's resolution is how to keep them going throughout the year.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can become a better you all year round!

1. Make an inspiration wall
Try to put the wall right in front of where you sleep so it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. When making an inspiration wall, don’t attack yourself. Put up pictures of positive role models that you find beautiful or pretty and strive to be more like. Also put up words of encouragement and reminders of the things you want to accomplish. You could switch these out every week so it’s fresh all the time or you could keep the same ones year round.

2. Set alarms/reminders
Most phones have many different alarms for a reason. Set an alarm every day that reminds you that it’s time to work out (if that is your goal), or that it’s time to start relaxing (if your goal is to take more "me-time"). Alarms will help you so less pressure is put on yourself to remember what you have to do that day.

3. Set a goal with friends
Everything is much better and easier to do when you have a friend with you to help you along the way. Get your friend to hold you more accountable for what you do and you can do the same for her.

4. If you slip, don’t give up
It’s so easy for you to stop your goal after one day of mistakes, but you don’t have to. Everyone will have their bad days, what’s good is that you can pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t let one bad diet day ruin your whole diet. Keep going!

5. Update your network
Updating others about what you are doing will help hold you more accountable for what you are doing. People will expect an update about how your New Year’s journey is going once you start updating them about it. It’s always good encouragement to have a bunch of people cheering you on!

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