Product Review: Foxyware

With a slogan, "All things that bling," how could you possibly go wrong?

When I received my sample of Foxyware in the mail, I was immediately excited. What better way to make note-taking glamorous other than using a pen that sparkles and shimmers? Foxyware's pens were on the smaller size, making them easy to store and carry from class to class. Besides writing well, their outer appearance truly makes them unique.

Foxyware Inc. creates rhinestone and pearl pens using fun color combinations, ranging from rainbow rhinestones, to a girly monochromed pink, to even school color combinations. With the custom options of adding a charm or school logo, the possibilities are endless.

With college students in mind,  it is clear that Foxyware seeks to add some sparkle to everyday lives by offering a variety of products that match any personality, at easily affordable prices. While I may be in summer hiatus right now, I can't wait to bring my pens back to start Senior year- my fabulous rainbow and pink pens will definitely add a little shimmer to a strenuous day of classes.

— By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

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