Product Review: Sula Paint and Peel Duos

Painting your nails might just be the fastest, cheapest way to change up your look. I personally opt for a hunter green in the fall, then usually feel like a matte gray as winter approaches, then am tempted towards an orange hue as the calendar turns to March. But doing your nails gets annoying because eventually, you have to take it off. With nail polish remover. That smells up the room.

Sula Paint and Peel Duos give you the best parts of painting your nails without the worst parts. The double sided nail pens- one side color, one side clear- come in a fun array of colors (I personally am liking azure for spring). And when you feel like switching it up, no acetone required- just peel the polish right off.

You can see the amazing product at work in an adorable video on Sula's website. What you can't see that's even better? That the polish is odor free and it dries in a snap.

The perfect pick-me-up present for your friend, roommate, or yourself, Sula Paint and Peel Duos are only $9. Brightening up your day has never been so easy.

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