The Royal Wedding that Saved McQueen

As PR mogul Kelly Cutrone tweeted this morning in response to the royal wedding, “God saved the Queen, but Kate saved McQueen.”

Inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, Catherine Middleton married Price William this morning in a dress fit for a Queen, crafted by McQueen’s own Creative Director Sarah Burton. Parading through London to make the final walk down the aisle in ivory duchesse satin lace shoes, also by McQueen, Kate was shimmering from head to toe.

Unexpected were the bridesmaids, clad in white, mimicking the bride and possibly starting a new wedding trend for the upcoming year. The Queen also looked as radiant as ever in a yellow jacket and hat, and as a gift of “something borrowed” to Kate, she presented her with the tiara she wore on her eighteenth birthday.

And, speaking of hats, if white bridesmaid dresses don’t become the 2011 trend, I am sure hoping outrageous hats do. From Victoria Beckham’s navy blue cap to Princess Beatrice’s (which was debatably a bit much), Westminster Abbey was decorated in vibrant colors, feathers, and jewels thanks to its guests. Outside of the church, spectators gathered for days to see one of the most important events in the history of our time.

The entire affair seemed to be right out of a storybook, and hopefully a happily ever after for William and Kate.

By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

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