Shopping 2.0: Fashion Takes to the Web

The fashion industry is all about spotting the Next Big Thing, whether it’s next season’s It Bag or this 15 minutes’ It Girl. So why should it be any different with technology? These fashion companies stand out for their innovative uses of new technology, beautifully blending geek with chic for a seriously improved shopping experience. 

Of course, every company from here to Timbuktu has taken to Facebook to get the word out— but none as well as The Limited. In a novel move, the mall classic has finally given fashion-loving Facebook users a reason to “Like” a company: once you become a “fan” of The Limited, you gain special access to exclusive deals and promo codes through the “Exclusives” section of its Facebook page. Sleek aviator shades are $16.99 instead of $24.50, a cute Boyfriend Jean Short is slashed from $44.50 to a neat $19.99, and a whole category of pants receive a “$25 off the second pair” treatment. Finally, a brand has given Facebook users incentive to hit the “Like” button.

But what if you don’t just want details but a truly personal shopping experience? One of the best in the biz is, the online fashion site whose “Stylyzer” feature asks you to respond to pairs of pictures to answer “Which one is more your style?” uses your responses to Kim Kardashian vs. Rachel Bilson, Kate Winslet vs. Katie Holmes, black high-heeled boots vs. flat slouchy brown boots, plaid vs. animal print, and even the Eiffel Tower vs. Big Ben to create your Style Profile. Just add your sizes, and you’ve got a personalized style identity that will use in their daily/weekly emails to you. It’s like having a personal shopper who’s always on call— quite an excellent use of technology, we’d say.

But what about taking it beyond the computer and onto your phone? Pioneering company Subports links your cell to your credit card so that you can shop online straight from your phone: just browse the hundreds of cool goods on Portal Mrkt, Subport’s online shop of independent stores and designers, and text the code of the item you want to 767825, or “PORTAL.” You’ll get a confirmation text to confirm the purchase, and those sunglasses/tee shirts/bangles are yours! Shopping 2.0 at its finest.

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