Single on Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Anyway!

Valentine’s Day is about showing the one you love how much you care. But for all of us single gals, our girlfriends ARE those people in our life. Forget sweats and a box of chocolates. Use Valentine’s Day to flaunt your fabulous, single self and celebrate with the ones you love.

Use Valentine’s Day as another excuse to do something beneficial for yourself, after all you deserve it!

“Being single on Valentine’s Day is just another day for you to see yourself as an awesome young woman and show yourself some love by treating yourself,” said senior Liz Mrozinski.

Whether you want to go all out with spa treatment or just do home recipe facemasks, take Valentine’s Day to refresh yourself.

Mrozinski is planning on getting a massage and pampering herself to celebrate Valentine’s day. “All year round we think about everyone but ourselves,” she said. “A massage is like saying you love yourself enough to do something special.”

What better way to get over the “single girl blues” than with a party!

Get your best girl friends together and forget that everyone else is coupled up for the night. Not only will you have a memorable evening, planning the event will keep your mind occupied for the weekend.

Picking a theme for everyone to dress up to and setting a tone minimizes the idea that you’re “drowning your sorrows.”

“We are going to throw a single girl’s wine and cheese night,” said senior Sarah Moler. “I think it’s important to celebrate the loves you have in your life, even if it’s not a man.”

Forget dinner with a guy, take your best friend out on a date!

“I’m not a fan of V-day, not because I don’t have a "valentine", but because I don’t think you should be given a day to say how u feel about someone, that should be every day,” said junior Kaite Lovett. “I'll probably go to dinner with my best friend then watch our favorite Monday night shows together with some snacks.” Monday’s television line-up includes Pretty Little Liars, Greek, How I Met Your Mother, 90210 and Gossip Girl, and House.

“[My girls] are my number one support right now in my life and they are the best valentines a girl can have,” said junior Chloe St. Rose.

By Marissa Kameno, Quinnipiac University

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