Slingbox, a do or a don’t?

We have all experienced what a major bummer it is to miss the premiere of our favorite show because we can’t be at home in front of the TV.  Or in the case of a college student, we had a roommate who did not want to watch the same program as us.  For many people DVR made it possible for them to record their shows and watch it later… too bad dorm rooms don’t provide it.  No worries, now with the constant rise in technology (and Slingbox), you can have instant access to your favorite shows from anywhere.  As long as you have an iPad, tablet, computer, or smart phone, you’re good to go! 

Slingbox allows you to have total control over your television set from any portable media device, and this includes all of the benefits of DVR!  This is great for college students who are suffering the dorm room blues.  Slingbox in your dorm allows you and your roommate to be able to compromise, and still watch the shows you want.  If you can’t compromise and choose a show to watch together, pull out your computer or iPad and watch your choice on your own. 

Can’t connect Slingbox to the cable in your dorm? Hook it up to your families TV and you can stay connected to home where ever you are.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  With all the benefits it provides, Slingbox is a definite “do” for college students, but if you think it is going to distract you in class you might want to make sure to leave the iPad at home until school is over.

— By Kelly Leslie

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