Spring Has Sprung: Best ‘Outdoorsy’ Date Ideas

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at New York University

The weather is getting warmer with each day that passes, and exams are almost over. It is finally time to get outside!

Here are some fun, spring weather date ideas to plan for when the semester comes to an end and you can get out and enjoy this beautiful spring!  

The first one is obvious: go on a picnic. You can put your own spin on this classic date by creating a theme. One of my favorites is to bring along a Mexican blanket, eat lots of chips and guacamole, and drink lemonade out of mini margarita glasses.

Hiking: No matter where you live, you are likely able to find trails that are open to the public. Put on your walking shoes and grab your camera, there’s nothing more refreshing and calming than a walk in nature.

Do you live by a lake or river? Look into renting a small motor boat or kayak for a few hours. Even if you are in a city, many parks with large enough ponds will offer boat rentals.

Flea markets and street sales become extra prevalent as the weather gets nicer. Do your research online to find out when and where the outdoor markets take place.

Eating at an Outdoor Restaurant: Even if you have been inside that restaurant a hundred times before, there is something about eating outdoors that makes it a completely different experience.

Water parks, Theme Parks and Carnivals: Taking a trip to your local theme park is the ultimate carefree date, something you might need at the end of this semester!

Outdoor Volunteering: There are a lot of service projects that take place outside; whether it is restoring a park, picking up trash or walking dogs, you are sure to find a volunteering experience that you both enjoy.

Ziplining: This one might take a bit of travel to get to, but if you can find a place that offers ziplining close by, it will be a date you will never forget!

My final piece of advice is to use the Internet! You can use websites such as Groupon to find out about new restaurants, cool ideas and great deals. Most importantly, research your town or city. There are websites dedicated to warm weather outings and sometimes you will find events and date locations that you didn’t even know existed!

Image courtesy of papaija2008 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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