Students Weigh in on Using eduHookups in College

“Looking for an Asian girl to be the noodles to my sauce.” “Let’s enjoy the last few weeks of school together. “ “The Art of Sex.”  “Dark drumstick needs white nuggets.”

While these online dating posts are some of the more humorous found on, they don’t necessarily provide a false idea for what the majority of its users are looking for.

The site, which acts as part social networking tool, part dating site, is limited to certain universities and colleges across the country in hopes of providing a way for college student to meet and express their wants for a casual hookup, real relationship or platonic friendship. In most instances, though, the posts seemed to focus on casual hookups.

As a student who doesn’t attend any of the current schools the site has expanded to, I’m only allowed to see a limited amount of posts. Most of the posters were male, and many of the posts weren’t necessarily explicit (although some were). But despite the website’s claim that it provides an outlet for college students to meet new people and allows them to seek out relationships with people around their own age, many have issues accepting its premise.

“I think it’s better to meet face to face in the real world,” said Audrey Mora, a recent graduate from the University of Illinois. “Internet dating has worked for a lot of people who are really happy now and have found their spouses that way, but I don’t think I’m quite desperate enough for it yet. It kind of takes the humanity out of dating.”

And while some students may be worried about the potential safety concerns, these don’t seem to be any greater than that of the average dating site. Reports of user abuse and malicious activity are taken through an email address, and the site does have a safety section that encourages users to have safe sex and utilize student health care centers and resources. 

Overall, students seem to believe that college life in general still remains incredibly social, and doesn’t need any outside help from online dating sites.

“[Meeting people] is so simple because we have so much social interaction at college,” said Robby Ramirez, a senior at the University of Illinois.

Ramirez cited Greek life, college organizations, and student living-based apartment complexes as ways for students to meet and cultivate relationships that don’t have anything to do with the Internet.

“The electronic thing, I feel, is usually a last resort,” he said. “It’s kinda weird. I feel like that’s something you do when you’re much older.”

Ramirez also added that he wasn’t surprised most of the posters were male, and said that it was most likely because men have a tendency to search out sex (especially in their 20s) more than a comfortable and steady relationship, as some women would.

But no matter what the reasons for its existence, eduHookups seems to be providing an unnecessary service.

“If there is one thing a college campus is not lacking in, it’s the widespread opportunity for a ‘hook up,” said Savannah Barrett, a senior at the University of Central Florida. “I think the whole idea is a little redundant. A college campus is almost like a continuous speed date. You are always meeting new people and have the opportunity to pursue a relationship fairly easily…Plus there’s always Facebook.”

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