Summer Housing on Campus: A Do or a Don’t? You Decide

It’s that time of the year. Should you stay or should you go?

Many college students often choose to stay on campus during the "off" season in order to take advantage of job opportunities, additional classes or to experience living on their own a bit longer. No matter what the motivation is, you should consider these four tips if you're planning on staying at your "home away from home" this summer.

What’s the cheapest, but also the most convenient?: Staying in University Housing over the summer is not always cheap. One of the options might be to sublease your friend’s apartment or to find the place you’re going to live in next year. If you're living in an off-campus apartment in the fall, moving to it as of May might even help you save on moving costs and storage costs — and if you get really lucky, seniors and other students will be selling their old furniture at quite the discount.

Keep track of your deposit: Wherever you decide to live, make sure your deposit is worth it, because if it’s a little pricey for only 2 and a half months, it might not be the best option for you. Also figure out what exactly could jeopardize your chances of getting it back — have a pet? Be especially careful when leaving a pet deposit as most college-area off-campus housing complexes do not return that fee at the end of the lease.

What really is convenient?: How far will you have to travel to go food shopping, take classes and hang out with friends? If you're traveling extensively, you might want to figure out another place to live — not necessarily with you parents, but not truly on campus either.

Make sure you feel comfortable wherever you stay…: Because bottom line, you’ll be staying there for two months and it might be out of your usual comfort zone. It's important to remember that school in the summer isn't going to be filled with your favorite things — campus parties, classmates and late 3 a.m. conversations. College in the "off" season is just like your hometown – kids are off from school, camps are in session and adults head to work. Remember this when deciding where you want to spend your time off.

— By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco State University

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