Surviving a Bad Roommate Freshman Year

By Amanda Cross, Student at University of Central Arkansas

As a college freshman, one of my biggest fears was having a bad roommate, and even talking constantly over Facebook messaging before we moved in wasn’t enough to stop me from having a horrid relationship with her.

Unfortunately, as much as you want a roommate situation to work out, some personalities don’t always click. So if you find out that you are living with a bad roommate, what should you do?

1. Try to work it out.
At one point, you seemed to like your roommate, and you got along at least a little bit. Try going back to that time, analyzing what you could do to make it better and approach your roommate in a nice way. You could try saying something like, “I’ve been noticing that we are not getting along as well as we could be — I’ve looked into some possible solutions and would like to go over them with you.” This is a good way to approach your roommate because it doesn’t put too much blame on one party.

2. If your roommate refuses to listen to you, go to your RA. They can be helpful to you in this situation. They are trained to deal with these kinds of things, and they can assist you in talking with your roommate and help you set up better functioning rules.

3. If multiple attempts and talking with your resident assistant don’t work, look around your dorm for possible roommates, but only if you don’t think the situation will change, and you can’t live with your roommate any longer.

In my case, my roommate moved out, and another friend moved in with me, but sometimes this isn’t always the case.

Don’t do these things to your roommate:

1. Refuse to talk about the elephant in the room. It’s big, and it’s there. Acknowledge the fact that you are not getting along with each other. Refusing to acknowledge it only makes it worse and will possibly cancel out any chance of a friendship after you are no longer roommates.

2. Don’t give notice of moving out. Let your roommate know that you plan to move out, so they can be prepared and find a new roommate. It’s important to do this, because not only do you avoid being excessively rude to your roommate, but also if you move out without giving them advance notice, there is a chance they will be stuck with someone they don’t want to live with. Be nice and give them advance warning of your leave.

Bad roommates are not always avoidable. If you are stuck with a less-than-stellar roommate, don’t be afraid to use these tips to fix the situation!

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