Talking Decor With a Dormify Style Advisor

By Managing Editor Kara Apel and Social Media Editor Morgan Reid

U Chic is teaming up with @Dormify for our next Twitter chat tonight at 9 p.m. ET. We'll be joined by Style Advisors Sabel HarrisSarah Bowden and Amanda Zuckerman. We'll be giving away a $25 gift certificate from Domify to our favorite tweeter who tells us what their dream dorm room would be like. We're excited to see your answers! Use #UChic and follow @UniversityChic to join in!

We wanted to get to know Style Advisor Amanda Zuckerman before our chat, so we asked her a few questions about dorm decor advice and about her role at Dormify today.

What tips do you have for back-to-school dorm shopping?

"First, you should always start with your bed because it's the focal point of your room. Choose your bedding and everything else (wall decor, throw pillows, desk accessories) will follow suit. Next, when you are shopping you should carry around a pillow case from your bedding set everywhere you shop to make sure that things you are buying all match. This simple tip is usually overlooked and will make your shopping experience much less stressful. Third, whether or not you know your roommate, you should talk to him/her beforehand so that you can coordinate your bedding if that is something you are interested in. You also want to make sure you're not bringing two of everything you need, so you should figure out who plans to bring what."

What was your involvement level like in the launch of Dormify?

"When I was entering my freshman year of college, my mom and I were shopping around Bed, Bath & Beyond, Urban Outfitters, Target, etc. and could not find ANYTHING cool for my first dorm room, and anything we remotely liked was not made in size twin XL. In the store, we literally turned to each other after a couple unsuccessful hours and said, 'We can do this ourselves!' We realized we were crazy, but knew that we could design the most chic dorm bedding possible. The name came almost instantly. My mom said 'Dormify,' and it just clicked. We started using it as a verb before the company even existed. Before the launch, all ideas, designs and concepts were approved by me because I am our target audience. Basically all major decisions had to be passed by me. I picked the final logo, final bedding patterns, pillow ideas, etc. I also promoted the launch of Dormify through every appropriate social platform, through word-of-mouth advertising and by using my various networks of friends to reach more and more people."

How do you manage your time between Dormify and school?

"I am a communication design and marketing double major, so I try as best as I can to manage my time between school and Dormify. Over the school year, I help out on smaller design tasks, blogging, social media, and I obviously am involved in making any major brand decisions. Whenever I am home for a break from school, I go to the office and work, even if it's just to give my two cents on something. However, this summer I am working at Dormify full time, so I am doing anything from intern tasks to major design projects, including writing, new product development, social media and working at trunk shows. I have been swamped all summer, and I absolutely love it."

What's one thing about Dormify that you wish more people knew?

"I wish people knew that Dormify is not JUST for college. Our team members are all in their mid to late 20s and LOVE everything! People tend to get caught up in name because it includes 'DORM,' but most of our products work great in apartments/bedrooms for post-grads, young professionals and even children's bedrooms. I also wish more people knew about the amazing Dormify team. Since Dormify is an e-commerce site, no one knows about the brains behind the operation or that there are only four full-time employees. These four girls spend their Sundays sending emails and their weeknights at the office. They are always thinking Dormify. The brand would be nowhere without their dedication and brilliance. They are also the most fun people you will ever meet, so work is always a party."

What's your favorite Dormify product?

"My favorite Dormify item is one of our newest products — the pouf. Every small dorm room or apartment is in need of some multi-purpose furniture in order to save space. Our poufs can be used as a coffee table, an ottoman or an extra seat, and they come in three of our fabulous new patterns. I plan to have a few in my apartment this fall!"

U Chic looked over some of Dormify's products and determined some must-haves. Read below to find out what we liked!

Looking for some cool wall decorations? Dormify has got you covered with their stylish A to Z prints. If you want something different to spice up your space, this could be the perfect addition to your room!

Want to add some decoration to your walls that won't leave you paying a fine at the end of the year for damages? Dormify has decals for girls of every style. From chandeliers to butterflies, they've got it all.

Dormify has so many different options for bedding, you'll be hard-pressed to figure out which one you like the best! Head to their bedding collection section to try to narrow down your search!

When you're packing for college, you're bound to forget something … but if you're stranded without a car on campus, it might be a little bit harder to get those necessary items than previously thought. If you've got a nice relative or friend, you'll be lucky if they send you the Ultimate Dormify Survival Kit, which should help you get you through your first semester as easily as possible!

If you're like us, you can never have enough pillows. But even though you want your pillows to be soft and cuddly, you can also have your pillows make a statement! Dormify has an assortment of pillows that feature everything from sororities to hashtags. There's definitely something for everyone!

We have to agree with Amanda, the Dormify poufs are our favorite product as well! We are totally digging this teal pattern!

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