Three Tips for Using Social Networks to Share From a Twitterista

Thanks to all the social media outlets these days including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, we can easily become a part of the digital world and have a stronger connection with what interests us.

Signing up for a social media account is easy. Posting a picture of yourself, adding friends and following others is not difficult at all.

It is deciding what to do with your networks that will take some work.

Follow and read things that interest you
Determine what you want to study or follow on the Web and by doing that, you'll be able to find your group. This will also help you generate ideas and figure out your "voice."

Keep an open mind
Browse around the web and read your friend’s or even your favorite celebrity's blogs and posts to see what they are interested in. This will lead into different directions and you can find out what else you enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to speak out
If you have something on your mind about a current event or any news topic you come across, don’t be shy. Just like you are interested in what others have to say, people will be interested in what you say too. But remember to keep it professional. Don’t write anything you may regret or get in trouble for. Also, be courteous of others and be aware of your audience with your posts.

The social media world is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Making a mark within this new technological world of smart phones, twit pics and mobile uploads is very important to keep in touch with the world around us.

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