Tips for Long Distance Relationships

I know from personal experience that long distance relationships can be challenging, but in the long run they can also be equally as rewarding.  Surviving the distance while apart is the greatest difficulty, but with these five tips you will be able to establish a routine and feel confident in your relationship in no time.

Communication is Key:  College schedules are crazy, and you and your special someone may not have time to sit on the phone for hours at a time.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t make it through the year.  Instead of trying to catch up on each other’s lives all in one sitting, try staying updated throughout the day.  Knowing each other’s schedules makes it easy to send a quick text, or make a call in between classes.  Through constant communication, you won’t feel like you are missing out on not being together because you will always feel involved in the other person’s life.

Be okay with having separate lives: It is important to accept the fact that you and your significant other have lives away from each other.  Try not to be overbearing, and know that your significant other is going to go out without you, this doesn’t mean he is going to do something you wouldn’t approve of.  Once you begin to accept this, you may even feel like your relationship is growing stronger.  View the distance from each other as positive rather than negative, and eventually it will feel that way.

Schedule video chat dates:  Skype and iChat make long distance relationships easier because you can actually see your sweetheart, and feel like you are spending time together.  With busy college schedules, it may be hard to find time to chat last minute.  Make sure to plan ahead of time and follow through with it.  Taking the time to video chat every once and a while so you can see each other will ease your loneliness and help time go by faster.

Arguments happen, but don’t have to cause problems:  Distance causes a relationship to be more prone to arguments.  This is normal because you are trying to adjust to a new lifestyle, and it can be hard to accept change.  Remember that your argument probably isn’t important and you are just missing your loved one.  Be patient with each other and talk about what is bothering you.  Communication can get you through anything.

Remember that time means nothing:  As long as you truly love each other, time and distance doesn’t matter.  Just remember to appreciate every second that you have time to spend with each other, and make the best of it always.  Don’t waste your time with silly arguments, instead have fun and relax together.  Before you know it one year will pass, and the next will be easier.

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