TODAY Show Appearance Recap

On Friday, Aug. 26, I appeared on the TODAY show as the Managing Editor of this site, and offered Dorm must-haves for college women (and men) in the form of wardrobe must-haves, tool essentials, bed bug prevention essentials and essentials to help keep you on track with your schedule. It was such an amazing experience and further enhances what we do here, each and every day.

U Chic 2E: The College Girl's Guide to Everything has even more tips to help college women get started and to help they stay on track throughout the four years of undergrad. It's a great resource because it's written by us — the women, known as Twitteristas', of U Chic — and we've already been through it all. We know how to search for a school, how to make that decision, what to do if the decision you made isn't the right one for you, and how to stay on track in order to get a great job once you graduate.

We recently started hosting Twitter Chats, using #UChic, every other Tuesday. Now that school's back we may be changing up the format a bit, but we're always offering advice to college women and women on the Web through our own voice, in real-time. It's always a great experience and we invite you to join us!

If you missed the TODAY show segment, check it out below.

And here are some photos from the event, taken by U Chic author and publisher, Christie Garton.

With David Gregory on set.

Showcasing one of the must-haves.

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